Thursday, January 3, 2008

A reel movement to tell a story

(Courtesy:The Hindu)
CHENNAI: Can stories be told in ten minutes on the silver screen? A movement that aims to do just that and screen the films at commercial theatres was inaugurated on Friday morning at Woodlands Theatre here and at 24 other screens across the State on Friday morning.The ‘one reel movement’ aims to stimulate production of quality cinema, translate more literature into the film medium and provide a platform for emerging talent. Co-founded by writer Jnani and Pyramid Saimira Production International, the ten-minute films would be screened at theatres run by the Pyramid group before the main feature film.The first in the series is ‘Thirumathi James Ippodhu Enna Seyya Vendum?’ (What should Mrs. James do now?). Directed and produced by Jnani, the film is based on a short story by Dilip Kumar.Writers were invited to inaugurate the movement at the various screens as it provided a forum for regional literature, especially short fiction, to be translated into cinema, said Jnani. The date of the launch, December 28, marks the anniversary of the screening of the first film when the Lumiere brothers screened their one-reel production.Writer Ashokamitran inaugurated the event in Chennai and recalled his long association with Jnani. Senior representatives of Pyramid Saimira said the movement would stimulate the production of quality commercial cinema in the future.Actor Sathyaraj said the nuanced performances in the first film of the movement were remarkable for the amount of meaning they conveyed.Director Vasantha Balan said the increasingly close interaction between literature and cinema was reflected in this movement. Director Radha Mohan wanted the film be taken to international film festivals. Director Amir asked that new directors be given a chance in the industry.Responding to his plea, Pyramid director K.S. Srinivasan said that the company had a scheme for 2008 through which 20 budget films would be awarded to directors with some experience in the industry after a ‘story committee’ approved their scripts.

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