Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hollywood Comedy “Love You, Man"

Love You, Man is a comedy film starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, that was released on March 20, 2009.
Peter has just gotten engaged to Zooey, and everything is going well for him. That is until he slowly realizes that he does not have any friends that could serve as his best man. Peter seeks the advice of his brother on how to meet new people to become his potential best man. After several bizarre man-dates, Peter gives up completely and focuses his efforts on trying to sell a house that belongs to Lou Ferrigno. Determined to sell the house, Peter holds an open house for prospective buyers. There he meets Sydney Fife, a very honest and laid back investor who takes a liking to Peter. After several wild sessions of getting drunk and playing very amateur versions of Rush music in Sydney's party garage, Peter knows that he wants this new friend to be his best man. He asks Sidney, who says yes.
Lead Artists
Paul Rudd as Peter Klaven
Jason Segel as Sydney Fife
Rashida Jones as Zooey
Jaime Pressly as Denise
Jane Curtin as Joyce Klaven
Andy Samberg as Robby Klaven
J. K. Simmons as Oswald Klaven
Jon Favreau as Barry Mclean
Sarah Burns as Hailey
Rob Huebel as Tevin Downey
Aziz Ansari as Eugene
Thomas Lennon as Doug Evans
Lou Ferrigno as Himself
Joe Lo Truglio as "High-Voiced Guy"
Jay Chandrasekhar as Party Guest
David Krumholtz as Sydney's Buddy
Larry Wilmore as Minister
Carla Gallo as Denise
Rush as themselves
Technical Details
John Hamburg
John Hamburg, Ivan Reitman, Donald De Line, Tom Pollock, Jeff Clifford, Bill Johnson,
John Hamburg
Theodore Shapiro
Lawrence Sher
William Kerr
Release date(s):
March 20, 2009 (US), April 17, 2009 (UK)

Official Trailer
Venkateshwarlu Bulemoni

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