Monday, April 13, 2009

Romantic Spanish Drama Film "Elegy"

Elegy (Working Title:Elegy: Dying Animal) is a 2008 drama directed by Spanish director Isabel Coixet and based on a Philip Roth novel, The Dying Animal. The film is set in New York City, but was filmed in Vancouver. MPAA has rated this film as “Rated R for sexuality, nudity and language”.
David Kepesh is a cultural critic and professor. Previously married, he has a son who has never forgiven him for leaving his mother. His relationships with women are usually casual and brief. Believing himself to be an independent and self-actualized individual, he encounters Consuela Castillo, a beautiful and confident student who attends one of his lectures. She captures his attention like no other woman, and they begin a serious relationship. David is also in a casual 20-year relationship with Carolyn, another former student. Carolyn finds out about his interest in Consuela, and leaves him.
Over dinner, Consuela invites David to her graduation party. She waits for an answer, but David only promises, "I'll have to check my schedule." Consuela is frustrated. In the end, he agrees to attend. On the day of the event, David phones Consuela and claims he has blown a tire and it will be unavoidably delayed. In reality, he is sitting in his car. Heartbroken and annoyed, Consuela hangs up.
Two years pass before Consuela and David come in contact again. On New Year's Eve, David arrives home to find a message from Consuela. She mentions that she needs to tell him something before he finds out from someone else. At his apartment, Consuela announces has found a lump in her breast and will need surgery. Grief-stricken, David cries and asks her why she didn't tell him sooner.
In the final scene, David visits Consuela at the hospital where she is recovering from her surgery. In a fantasy scene, the film flashes back to David and Consuela on the beach where Consuela told David she loves him.
Lead Artists
Ben Kingsley as David Kepesh
Penélope Cruz as Consuela Castillo
Dennis Hopper as George O'Hearn
Peter Sarsgaard as Kenneth Kepesh
Patricia Clarkson as Carolyn
Sonja Bennett as Beth
Debbie Harry as Amy O'Hearn
Technical Details
Isabel Coixet
Tom Rosenberg
Nicholas Meyer, Phillip Roth (novel)
Jean-Claude Larrieu
Amy E. Duddleston
Samuel Goldwyn Films, Lakeshore Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) Worldwide Acquisitions Group (international sales)

Official Trailer
Venkateshwarlu Bulemoni

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