Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pyramid Saimira acquires Dimples Cine Advertising

Pyramid Saimira Impresses again…
Pyramid saimira has added another feather to its cap by acquiring dimples cine advertising, the news coverage of this acquisition appeared on the elitist of newspaper of India( The Economic Times). They have widely appreciated this acquisition. This report from them clearly indicates that pyramid saimira is emerging as a robust player in the entertainment and media industry and states that pyramid have positioned itself as a very big strategic player.
The Economic Times says as-
Pyramid Saimira acquires Dimples Cine Advertising
28 Nov, 2007, 1309 hrs IST, INDIATIMES NEWS NETWORK

MUMBAI: Pyramid Saimira Theatre has announced the strategic acquisition of Mumbai-based Dimples Cine Advertising and Dimples Cine Activations. Pyramid Saimira group has acquired 51 per cent stake for an undisclosed sum. The firm will continue to remain headquartered in Mumbai. "Through this acquisition, we aim to be a major media and advertisement vehicle in India," said PS Saminathan, managing director of Pyramid Saimira. Pyramid Saimira will roll-out a massive business plan for Dimples Cine Advertising and Dimples Cine Activations, through which Dimples will have access to 4,000 digitally targetable screens by 2010. Recently, Pyramid Saimira acquired Texas-based FunAsiA through subsidiary Pyramid Saimira Entertainment America. It also acquired an existing theatre and radio drive-time hours in Chicago and radiotime in Houston. At 12:36 pm, Pyramid Saimira Theatre shares were down 1.79 per cent at Rs 359 on BSE.

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